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about 2 nation

Why the 2 Nation System?

2 Nation

2 Nation is committed to helping others attain a greater level of fitness/health/wellness. The focus of the brand is to help people work toward living a fitness-oriented, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. The goal is to help people to become the best version of themselves, through mental preparation, physical conditioning, and inner grounding. The 2 Nation System is based on Preparation, Work, and Measurement. 

2 Nation provides its community members the opportunity to Train Like a Millionaire, offering access to industry-leading professionals who supply personalized education and training across multiple verticals including fitness, physical therapy, nutrition, and more. Upon signing up for a 2 Nation program, users are provided personalized workouts, meal plans, mental exercises, and advice (developed from goals they set in partnership with 2 Nation) on how become the best version of themselves. 

Additionally, 2 Nation provides a comprehensive ecosystem for corporate employees which grants access to a team of subject matter experts in areas of personal development. This guidance is designed to support employees on their personalized journeys to become both healthier and more productive.

2 Nation System

Let the 2 Nation System drive and guide you to the next level.

Motivation, Education, and Goal-Setting are the pillars which represent the core elements of preparation
Guidance and Competition are the pillars which influence efficient and effective work
Accountability and Results are the pillars which allow for evaluation

In order to “Go 2 the Next Level” you must become motivated…and most importantly stay motivated!


Allow the power of knowledge to help guide your actions and enhance your decision-making ability.


One must set (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) goals then work hard to hit the desired target.


Working hard should be combined with working smart. Learn from experts whom have met with personal success and coached people.


One must push and challenge themselves to achieve greatness. Develop a competitive mindset. Find a will to win!


Allow both internal accountability and external accountability to be influential factors which keep you on track.


2FIT + Effort = Results. Achieve your goals, stay motivated, continue to work, and let the cycle repeat itself.

Never miss a day

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Program Scheduling

2 Nation team will schedule calculated daily and weekly assignments based on your goals and lifestyle

Instant Messaging

Use the instant messaging capability within the 2 Nation app to communicate directly with your coach

Efficient Design

The app is designed to allow you to seamlessly navigate throughout the platform