Physical Therapy

Reduce pain, gain relief


Physical Therapy

determine what works for you

2 Nation experts will develop a flexibility protocol that allows you to reduce pain, prevent injury, and maintain good posture

2 Nation experts will develop a plan that both addresses your needs and meshes well with your lifestyle. This guidance is designed to help you both prevent and relieve pain and/or injuries. Additionally, customized PT programs are designed to keep your body in proper alignment.



Video analysis - a comprehensive assessment of form and posture to identify muscle imbalances. Complete PT questionnaire to further diagnose specific pain points.



Receive and execute stretches and exercises with guidance and instructions from 2 Nation physical therapy expert that correlate with your overall health/fitness goals



Follow customized weekly/monthly physical therapy plans which are tailored to your personal needs. Review and measure progress from week to week

Best Value

Gold Plan

  • Live onboarding consultation with 2 Nation coach
  • Live monthly call with 2 Nation coach to assess progress and refine goals
  • Video analysis – comprehensive assessment of form and posture
  • Customized workout program - weekly program design administered via 2 Nation app
  • Multiple weekly communications with 2 Nation coach - allowing for questions and appropriate adjustments
  • Diet & Accountability framework
  • Nutrition – customized diet plan constructed by 2 Nation Master Chef
  • Physical Therapy – customized stretch/recovery routine constructed by 2 Nation Physical Therapy expert
  • Additional Loyalty program benefits

Creative collaboration for your physical therapy needs.

Coach Communication

Contact your coach at anytime from any place via the 2 Nation app

Remote Guidance

Programs may be designed to be done anywhere – home, office, etc.

No Equipment Required

All you need is your smartphone and you are ready to go to the next level with 2 Nation App


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