Fuel Your body to improve health and performance



Determine What works for you

Create a sustainable eating rhythm that incorporates both best practices and your personal preferences.

2 Nation will work with you to develop an effective nutrition plan oriented around your goals and lifestyle. Recommended shopping lists, special recipes created by team Master Chef, and customized diet plan will take your eating experience to the next level



Diet assessment – cross-reference current diet patterns with overall health and fitness goals. Utilize recommended shopping lists and/or suggested food list



Enjoy tasty meals prepared with recipes and instructions from 2 Nation Masterchef that correlate with your overall health/fitness goals



Follow customized weekly/monthly meal plans which are tailored to your personal goals (for e.g. weight loss, mass gain) that incorporate caloric intake and macros to enable you quantitatively measure progress from week to week

Best Value

Gold Plan

  • Live onboarding consultation with 2 Nation coach
  • Live monthly call with 2 Nation coach to assess progress and refine goals
  • Video analysis – comprehensive assessment of form and posture
  • Customized workout program - weekly program design administered via 2 Nation app
  • Multiple weekly communications with 2 Nation coach - allowing for questions and appropriate adjustments
  • Diet & Accountability framework
  • Nutrition – customized diet plan constructed by 2 Nation Master Chef
  • Physical Therapy – customized stretch/recovery routine constructed by 2 Nation Physical Therapy expert
  • Additional Loyalty program benefits

Creative collaboration for your nutrition goals.

Coach Communication

Contact your coach at anytime from any place via the 2 Nation app

Remote Guidance

Programs may be designed to be done anywhere – home, office, etc.

No Equipment Required

All you need is your smartphone and you are ready to go to the next level with 2 Nation App

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